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My "friends" they all hate me,
my gift once known as charm,
now appears creepy

no girl wants a hero,
this stupid womens' lib
feel like a zero
"I can do it myself, I don't need you!"
Ever thought the cost completely through?
Man was built to shelter and provide
Keep the partner safe and keep support supplied
Take that away, you've killed the man
Now you wonder why you can't find those who will take a stand?
You've pussified, wussified, weakened the very creature
God created to protect, save, provide, and care for your future.

I refuse to let you kill me
A hero, soldier, knight I'll be
Maybe no armor, maybe no sword
But fight the same, to protect is the accord.

So play your games, think you're strong enough
I'll still be watching your back, watching your "tough"

when they hurt, I try to give my love and support,
they shy away, think the worst, then assume that's what I want


The few things I'm scared of, though they are few,
(some of them already came true)
Is going to hell, being such a dry bone
Not being able to defend what I claim as my own
Living without the best girl by my side
Dying alone, from the inside.


So tired of fakers, knives thrust clean through
"don't worry kid, we've got your back"
Ha, watch the blade pierce the skin, enjoy it don't you?
I let them in, they say they want to help…
They take advantage,
tear out my heart.
As I withhold a scream.
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Submitted on
June 9, 2014