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On this highly commercialized day of the year,
I guess (sigh) it’s time, so lend me your ear;

The time, it has come, for flowers and candy,
And short little rhymes that men find so handy-
(to express their affection, or perhaps misdirection?)

Since this is an email, so cold and informal,
Maybe this proves that I’m just not normal…

But since I can’t send pink ribbons or lace
Around paper hearts to light up your face,

I’ve decided to – oh hold on a minute,
(I guess I don’t want too much sentiment in it)

Though this poem is short I do realize
That it might be enough to light that spark in your eyes,

Seeing as it is supposed to be funny,
Although not quite unlike a big fuzzy bunny

What I am trying to say is simply just this,
I wanted to send you this Valentine’s kiss!

Now I honestly hope that I did not offend,
Or trouble you with the words I have penned,
But the temptation I faced was too great to hit “Send.”

So happy Valentine’s Day to you, so lovely and fine
And a simple request… won’t you be mine
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Submitted on
June 9, 2014