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How come I just can't move on?

A word, a sign, a token whisper
Does she know how much I miss her?
Seemingly I don't exist. Gone. Erased.
What's her trick?
Does she ever think of me?
Does she ever think that I
Will keep my promise till I die?

I'll love you forever, and that's no lie
Echoes through my brain as I lay and cry.
My pillow's wet, my eyes are red
How to get her out my head?

I don't care, I vow tonight
I may be wrong, I may be right
But forever more, this be my creed
Another girl I'll never need.

Paul was single, a man of God, devout
Samson had a girlfriend, look how that turned out.

You can call it running
Whatever, that's fine.
I'm done funning,
This is the finish, the end of the line.

I gave you a rose once, to mean it's forever,
I've still got that rose but yet it's not mine
This rose is still yours, although possess it… maybe never
Call me pathetic, lame, say it's just a line
But that's the way I work, and I said what I mean.
I'll love you till that rose dies.
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Submitted on
June 9, 2014