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Goblins, witches, and ghosts
Satan uses this to scare the kids the most
Trick or treat, tons of candy
Dressing up in costumes seems so dandy
True witches rejoice, and sacrifice
Who would've thought Halloween was not so nice
Children disappear and blood is spilt
Can you be happy and not feel guilt
Harmless this season may but seem
Have you ever seen the candle's gleam
Devil's holiday, few know truth
To play would be crass and mass uncouth
Death dealt from some carnival booth
Warlocks, skeletons, werewolves so all hairy
Are not these all supposed scary

Commercial nation makes it fun
Halloween for kids is the one
Evil spirits pervade, be ye wary or be done
Wiccan's rede is long in line
They play with spells, they say control is mine
To guard yourself from wicked things,
Bible reading must be thine
Devil's playground idle mind
Play with evil pain will find
Spirits of darkness allowed to bind
Power is their thirst, hunger, and greed
A mind to dominate is their need
The lines below be part their creed
To bind the spell well every time,
let the spell be said in rhyme.
Nine woods in the Cauldron go,
burn them fast and burn them slow.

All hallow's eve, the ancient rite
Dark specters wander through the night
Be watchful on this fateful hour
Your adversary seeks to devour
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Submitted on
June 9, 2014