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Jesus came into the world on this day
So this simple verse is just to say
To thank him for showing the way
As a babe wrapped in cloth
In a stable he lay
The world has heard as the temperature approaches freezin'
The classic little epithet Our Lord Jesus is the reason
We celebrate this arctic little season
But why so commercial has it become
Given such a meaningful reason

Snow is gently falling as the stores begin to open
A mass of rushing people enter, each and all are hopin'
To grab that special gift for someone who in turn will open
That present up with joy and glee The snow on the rooftops is slopin'

Bells are jingling, bells are ringing
Such melodic sounds are bringing
A mood of cheer and gaily singing
Happy carols, cocoa and cider
Oh joy, there's the doorbell's dinging

See how with the sights and sounds
The mind felt free to make its rounds
To lose its focus, stray out of bounds
Our savior is the only one
Where truth, peace, and joy abounds

The poem is done
My point was won
The reason, there is only one
Savior Jesus Christ, the raised and living Son.
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Submitted on
June 9, 2014