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Flowers and Candy
On this highly commercialized day of the year,
I guess (sigh) it’s time, so lend me your ear;
The time, it has come, for flowers and candy,
And short little rhymes that men find so handy-
(to express their affection, or perhaps misdirection?)
Since this is an email, so cold and informal,
Maybe this proves that I’m just not normal…
But since I can’t send pink ribbons or lace
Around paper hearts to light up your face,
I’ve decided to – oh hold on a minute,
(I guess I don’t want too much sentiment in it)
Though this poem is short I do realize
That it might be enough to light that spark in your eyes,
Seeing as it is supposed to be funny,
Although not quite unlike a big fuzzy bunny
What I am trying to say is simply just this,
I wanted to send you this Valentine’s kiss!
Now I honestly hope that I did not offend,
Or trouble you with the words I have penned,
But the temptation I faced was too great to hit “Send.”
So happy Valentine
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A Christmas Pondering
Jesus came into the world on this day
So this simple verse is just to say
To thank him for showing the way
As a babe wrapped in cloth
In a stable he lay
The world has heard as the temperature approaches freezin'
The classic little epithet Our Lord Jesus is the reason
We celebrate this arctic little season
But why so commercial has it become
Given such a meaningful reason
Snow is gently falling as the stores begin to open
A mass of rushing people enter, each and all are hopin'
To grab that special gift for someone who in turn will open
That present up with joy and glee The snow on the rooftops is slopin'
Bells are jingling, bells are ringing
Such melodic sounds are bringing
A mood of cheer and gaily singing
Happy carols, cocoa and cider
Oh joy, there's the doorbell's dinging
See how with the sights and sounds
The mind felt free to make its rounds
To lose its focus, stray out of bounds
Our savior is the only one
Where truth, peace, and joy abounds
The poem is done
My point was won
The re
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Memories of Larikaya
Times had changed. The streets and airways were no longer safe. With roving bands of Na’crim hanging around every subcenter, filth seeping into the deepest parts of the city, and corrupt admins rendering the secureBots useless; Larikaya was no longer the paradise it was created to be.
Haon hurried home to his family, glancing furtively at the setting suns behind him, and sent a quick burst transmission to Benefactor, requesting confirmation of safe passage. The response Haon received slowed his step, then stopped him cold despite the danger surrounding the old man. The thought of leaving his planet, though the center of greed, filth, and all manners of lascivious behaviour; it was still his home. This bore further communication, however, the sounds of the city bring the old man back to the present, and he continued homeward.
Further talks with Benefactor revealed that Haon and his family were to leave Larikaya and their beloved planet, but it was not to be permanent, and that aft
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All Hallows Eve
Goblins, witches, and ghosts
Satan uses this to scare the kids the most
Trick or treat, tons of candy
Dressing up in costumes seems so dandy
True witches rejoice, and sacrifice
Who would've thought Halloween was not so nice
Children disappear and blood is spilt
Can you be happy and not feel guilt
Harmless this season may but seem
Have you ever seen the candle's gleam
Devil's holiday, few know truth
To play would be crass and mass uncouth
Death dealt from some carnival booth
Warlocks, skeletons, werewolves so all hairy
Are not these all supposed scary
Commercial nation makes it fun
Halloween for kids is the one
Evil spirits pervade, be ye wary or be done
Wiccan's rede is long in line
They play with spells, they say control is mine
To guard yourself from wicked things,
Bible reading must be thine
Devil's playground idle mind
Play with evil pain will find
Spirits of darkness allowed to bind
Power is their thirst, hunger, and gr
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Mi Amora Prima
I love her laugh, her eyes, her gorgeous smile
For her the ends of the earth would be but a mile
So full of God, quiet strength and dignity
To hold her back would be a travesty
Her humor, her grace, her joy with little ones
So beautiful to me, my heart leaps and runs
Every time I hear that name, so sweet…
When heard her voice, lightened was my feet
Her scent intoxicating, her hair the softest
This woman could make me smile the best
Her words were quiet but held intense power
So soft and beautiful like a rare exotic flower
I loved her, I love her, she remains with me always
Though not in person, word, or deed; her face.
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My "friends" they all hate me,
my gift once known as charm,
now appears creepy
no girl wants a hero,
this stupid womens' lib
feel like a zero
"I can do it myself, I don't need you!"
Ever thought the cost completely through?
Man was built to shelter and provide
Keep the partner safe and keep support supplied
Take that away, you've killed the man
Now you wonder why you can't find those who will take a stand?
You've pussified, wussified, weakened the very creature
God created to protect, save, provide, and care for your future.
I refuse to let you kill me
A hero, soldier, knight I'll be
Maybe no armor, maybe no sword
But fight the same, to protect is the accord.
So play your games, think you're strong enough
I'll still be watching your back, watching your "tough"
when they hurt, I try to give my love and support,
they shy away, think the worst, then assume that's what I want
The few things I'm scared of, though they
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Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani..
I won't hang myself, I won't pull the trigger
Cuz wasting my faith just doesn't figure
Although He seems distant, invisible, not there
And with no response seems to not care
It's like believing in nothing, but I press on the same
I can't feel a thing, I feel so ashamed
When people around me, so giddy and glad,
His power is real, His grace to be had!
I smile and nod, and pretend I can show it
What the heck is real? How can I know it?
People have said they've talked with God,
Had Him touch them, heal them, I feel like a fraud.
A miracle's happened, Words of Knowledge from others
This says He's real, but where is He now?
He's silent and waiting but I don't know how
To reach Him and know if I'm doing this right.
I need some sort of direction
I strive for perfection
But daily I fail, and can't get it right,
But elders I watch and study all night
What are they doing, what do they feel?
How do they know what they're doing is real?
I feel like an outsider, a fake, bunch of scum
Though I mean w
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How come I just can't move on?
A word, a sign, a token whisper
Does she know how much I miss her?
Seemingly I don't exist. Gone. Erased.
What's her trick?
Does she ever think of me?
Does she ever think that I
Will keep my promise till I die?
I'll love you forever, and that's no lie
Echoes through my brain as I lay and cry.
My pillow's wet, my eyes are red
How to get her out my head?
I don't care, I vow tonight
I may be wrong, I may be right
But forever more, this be my creed
Another girl I'll never need.
Paul was single, a man of God, devout
Samson had a girlfriend, look how that turned out.
You can call it running
Whatever, that's fine.
I'm done funning,
This is the finish, the end of the line.
I gave you a rose once, to mean it's forever,
I've still got that rose but yet it's not mine
This rose is still yours, although possess it… maybe never
Call me pathetic, lame, say it's just a line
But that's the way I work, and I said what I mean.
I'll love you till that rose dies.
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The end is getting near
My stomach's feeling queer
I'm forgotten, lonely, all alone
Please God take me, take me home!
I want to die, I want to leave
But in You Lord, I believe.
My life's a waste, you've no idea
A job, a car, a sweet degree
These things don't mean much to me
I live for Him, and Him alone
Even though that's the way I'm left.
Self pity is evil I know that already
I'm trying to work through it, I guess im just not ready
I've thrown it to God, I'm waiting for Him
To make His move, I'm out on a limb..
Waiting, waiting, how do I continue?
Like my programmer nature, where's the progress bar?
Lord, it's in your hands, it's up to you!
Do I really have that far?
Always feeling beat down, trampled, lost
He says I've won, I just have to claim it
What a frightful cost
Not enough strength to go through it.
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Dark Musings..
"Stop being so sensitive!" she spoke as walked away.
The irony was not lost on him. He sighed, frustrated with his inability to articulate things that he didn't understand. He was too new to this world. Trudging dejectedly back to his car, he spoke not a word, but his thoughts were definitely not silent. Is everything so easily explained away? Who was he anyways? Just a geek who had again lost to the jock. No, had hesitated, and thus, lost. Hadn't wanted to be confined to titles and yes, commitment. He had definitely sunk into something that was way over his head, and it was not a pleasant feeling knowing that the only way out was to seek the one whom he had ignored to get into this mess.
He was created differently than most. Old-fashioned to the core, he was not meant to partake in the practices of those around him. The rebel in him died as the realization that his mistake was going to haunt him the rest of his natural life. He had wanted to just taste it.. just a toe in the water, so
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I refuse to back down, to roll over and just die
I know the God of love, and He’s a warrior like I.
See I can be the gentlest creature,
Leave me be, and I’m just fine
But He’s given me the power,
A strength of origins divine
He calls me His son, His heir, and His bride;
I claim that inheritance,
And on eagles wing’s I’ll ride.
When all seems lost, and there seems no light;
I have the faith, He has the means,
to bring me through all right.
Though I cannot see, nor can e’er describe,
I must keep my focus on the glorious prize.
At any second of any minute, any hour of any day,
My Lord, the risen Saviour will call me and mine away.
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Strings and Such...
All around me
Life’s threads are spinning,
The Master Weaver’s guiding
The pattern I cannot see.
Though I see many, gorgeous, threads
And for a time we may cross
They have all found their place
With other threads
In this tapestry of life.
They come and go
Some short and long
And all do shape my strand,
But where’s the one, the special one
that joins mine hand in hand.
The Master Weaver’s pattern
is perfect, flawless, complete.
Though for now a single twisted string
I yearn for a knotty yarn,
He says to me; looks at me;
“A frayed knot”
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just a note to say that I have been working on my art, just have to work on photographing/scanning it into my computer, so that I can upload it.. other than that, peace out folks :D
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Steven Laszloffy
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United States
Current Residence: North Pole, Alaska
Favourite genre of music: christian heavy metal.. anything with sweet guitars.. kick butt drums, and some heavy bass.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: 32gb iPod Touch 2nd Gen
Wallpaper of choice: anything Halo!! w00t! though currently it's of my best friend in the world
Personal Quote: Life is short...pray hard.


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